The Comiskey Group is a family-owned Queensland company with strategic operations in hotels and shopping centres. With a history spanning more than 30 years, the group is consistently at the forefront of industry innovation. Founder Paul Comiskey has been joined at the helm by sons David and Robert, and together they've developed some landmark projects in south-east Queensland.

Initially specialising in property development and shopping centres, their philosophy has always been controlling projects from the ground up; from identifying opportunities, through design and construction, and running the enterprise to the benefit of customers and the community.

In the mid-90s they used this approach to broaden the company's interests into hotels and hospitality. Their venues never fail to create a buzz within the industry, and set new standards in Queensland leisure and entertainment. It starts at the design stage, with striking architecture and the best possible fittings, making the venue a welcoming place where people want to be. The quality experience continues inside. From user-friendly retail liquor, to great dining and gaming facilties, the Comiskey Group's taverns and bars have been recognised as some of the state's best.

Early this decade, the group expanded in to childcare and was the name behind Tadpoles Early Learning Centre.

The company has developed over 35 child care centres over the last 10 years.

The Comiskey Group has earned wide respect in commerce and government, and its projects have been recognised with multiple awards for design and construction. Always looking to build on its success, the Comiskey Group is well placed to capitalise on the rich opportunities in Australia's fastest growing state.